Interviews CEO Theresa Fette

Source: Editorial Team, New Retirement

Las Vegas’s Provident Trust Group gives the retiree the tools to best prepare for retirement in today’s economy, and takes it even one step further, allowing their clients to monitor and direct their own IRAs, as well as invest in “alternative assets,” resources outside of the traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Provident Trust Group’s CEO Theresa Fette took a moment to tell us about some of these recent shifts, and their implications, and things anybody can do to weather the storm.

CSO Nate Wheatley Featured on CBS Local

Source: Debbie Hall, CBS Local 

Nate Wheatley, Chief Strategy Officer of Provident Trust Group, has held several high-level positions, including partner at various law firms and active-duty member of the U.S. Army for five years with a role as an Arabic linguist. He is also an advisor for Venovate Holdings Inc., which matches investors with alternative assets, and a business consultant to other companies.

(Photo Courtesy of Nate Wheatley)

His education background is just as diverse with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from General Brigham Young University, associate’s degree in foreign languages and linguistics from Monterey Peninsula College, and juris doctorate in law from Syracuse University College of Law. Wheatley also obtained his Bachelors of Science in Public Administration and M.B.A. in Business Administration from Brenau University.

As chief strategy officer, his responsibilities include overseeing strategic operations and planning for the company, with the goal of gaining more revenue. Wheatley also creates and manages strategic alliances to grow the business.

He chose to go into his current field because, “I saw a great opportunity to solve problems and issues in the financial industry. I also wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, yet also have the opportunity to put my fingerprint on some various projects and initiatives in the alternative asset space. Working in the financial services field is rewarding on many levels. I get to develop solutions, implement strategies and help others achieve their goals, all while working at great place with great people.”


Five Surprises Of Retirement Income Planning

Source: David A. Littell and Jamie Patrick Hopkins, Forbes

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Source: Jacob Gold, Huffington Post

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