The Trust Advisor Lists Provident Trust Group as One of America’s Most-Advisor Friendly Trust Companies

The Trust Advisor has released its 2012 Winners List of America’s most advisor-friendly trust companies.  Provident Trust Group is honored to be one of just eleven trust companies to be included on this list.  The Trust Advisor explains that: “With over 1,700 trust providers to choose from, we’ve spotted only a handful rolling out the red carpet for financial advisors and broker dealer representatives.”

The Winners List Special Report provides a comparison chart of the eleven especially advisor-friendly trust companies.  The comparison chart looks at several highlights including: average account size, total assets under administration, number of relationships with advisors, in-house experts, and the timeframe for acceptance of a new trust.

In its summary of Provident Trust Group, The Trust Advisor describes the company as follows: “Nimble, growing fast and flexible enough to take on alternative asset classes and ‘problem’ cases.  Plenty of legal talent on staff makes it happen.”  The Trust Advisor specifically mentions that one of Provident Trust Group’s strengths “is its expertise in alternative asset classes.”  Finally, the Special Report provides that Provident Trust Group has $3 billion total assets under administration and 3,000 relationships with advisors.