The Equitysphere

The Emerging Equity Crowdfinance Ecosystem

Inspired by Orchard Platform’s recently released “Lendscape” – which brilliantly underscores the expanding peer/marketplace lending ecosystem and its movement of capital – I decided to construct a similar flowchart depicting the progression of the equity side of the crowdfinance industry.

The “Equitysphere” below encapsulates the maturation of equity crowdfinance. It illustrates a modern path of business capital formation that is driven by “investumers” (a new breed of retail investors who invest in the companies that make products that they consume), a changing regulatory framework and advanced online marketing technologies. Most significantly, the “Equitysphere” emphasizes the developing infrastructure aimed at helping a mere vision morph into a large cap.

While it may be challenging to capture a complete representation of this rapidly proliferating ecosystem, I look forward to expanding upon this “Equitysphere” as the industry evolves. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts.

The Emerging Equity Crowdfinance EcosystemSource: Dara Albright