Let Provident Be Your Compass for Your Solo 401(k) Plan

Why make self-directing complicated when you don’t have to?  While a custodian is not necessarily required, wouldn’t you rather have the tools you need to streamline the process of self-directing your solo 401(k) plan?  Let Provident act as your compass as you steer your solo 401(k) plan toward your retirement goals.  While a compass is not a necessity when captaining a ship, having it as a tool to steer you in the right direction is always useful.  At Provident, one of our core values is to keep it simple, and that’s just what we will help you do with your solo 401(k) plan.  We provide the plan documents and record retention for your solo 401(k), so everything is centralized and easily accessible.  Similarly, the last thing anyone would want is to lose the tax benefits that come with a retirement account, right?  Provident can provide you with detailed account histories and easy access to all your investment documents. This way, you have the tools you need to make your own decisions about your solo 401(k) plan and can avoid engaging in activities not outlined in your plan documents or that are prohibited by the IRS.  So, while you can choose to administer your own 401(k) plan, wouldn’t you rather be able to relax with the knowledge that a custodian is there to assist you in streamlining the process? Contact Provident today to help simplify your self-directed solo 401(k) plan! Start here, go anywhere.





Written By Bri Corrigan, Compliance Counsel, Provident Trust Group

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