Opportunity Village and Provident Trust Group

Provident Trust Group is very proud to announce our volunteer partnership with Opportunity Village and attendance of our first event!

Opportunities to Last a Lifetime

Pride, Purpose and a Paycheck.

Opportunity Village was founded in 1954 as a non-profit organization in Southern Nevada. This organization aims to enhance the lives of adults and families of which have intellectual and related disabilities. They do this by providing nearly 2,000 people per year vocational training, community job placement, advocacy, social recreational programs and art and life skill enrichment. Opportunity Village has multiple locations in the Valley, where volunteers can assist and where most of the people in the program are provided jobs. In addition, this organization hosts many events including the Magical Forest and the Starlight Ball.

Opportunity Village has served southern Nevadans and their families for more than 60 years and is now creating the foundation on which the next sixty years-and-beyond will be built. The comprehensive Christopher’s Crossing Capital Campaign is in full-force. The goal is to address the mounting demand for services and to meet the future needs of the community; The Christopher’s Crossing Capital Campaign will raise $136 million to accomplish all the construction and programmatic goals Opportunity Village has set. To date, over $90 million has been raised.

Starlight Ball

First of Many Events to Come

Provident Trust Group volunteers had a fantastic time lending a hand at the Opportunity Village Starlight Ball on Friday, April 14, 2017. This annual event is one night filled with music, laughter and a little dash of magic. All guests were dressed to the nines and in high spirits. They enjoyed a dinner before they hit the dance floor and received professional pictures to remember the night for years to come.

Our volunteer duties were to be the stage security and take song requests from the guests. The volunteers’ favorite part was being close to the crowd so they could encourage the guests to continue having a fun time while keeping them safe from the stage equipment. It was a fantastic way for Provident to give back to the community and we are looking forward to the next volunteering event coming up soon.

Volunteer Statements

“Dancing with Paul was the highlight of my night. He was such a great conversationalist and an even better dancer!”

– Stella Wisniewski, Escrow Coordinator & Volunteer

 “We were so thrilled to be to be a part of giving the guests the best time possible. Their smiles and enthusiasm were so contagious and heartwarming. We can’t wait for the next event!”

Monica Davis, Marketing Specialist & Volunteer

“The 2017 Starlight Ball at Opportunity Village was amazing. Watching everyone have a great time was a true delight. I am looking forward to next year’s Starlight Ball!”

– Theresa Carroll, Revenue Specialist & Volunteer

For more information regarding Opportunity Village and what you can do to help the Southern Nevada Community, check out their Website by clicking here!

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